/ Haslach - a Weavers‘ Town

The historical market town of Haslach on the river Mühl situated in the tri-border region between Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic has been known as the centre of regional linen weaving since times immemorial. For centuries textile creative work has made its mark on the economic, social and cultural life of the people in these hills close to the Bavarian and Bohemian borders.

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/ The Vonwiller Area/Buildings

The buildings of the formerly renowned Vonwiller Textile Factory are a landmark of Haslach. Marvellous jacquard fabrics were produced there and exported to countries all over the world even before 1900. Messrs. Vonwiller and Messrs. Simonetta at nearby Helfenberg were the largest factories in the Upper Mühlviertel embedded in a structure of small enterprises which gave work to hundreds of people and changed the life of the town in many ways. After turbulent times the Textile Centre Haslach is now spinning on the thread of the tradition of the house.

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