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Artists in residence at the Textile Centre Haslach


This year, the Textile Centre Haslach, in cooperation with the European textile network ETN, made a call for a 2-week artist-in-residence program for the following three areas:
- Tufting
- Dobby weaving (on handlooms)
- Jacquard weaving (TC1 and electronically controlled industrial loom)

The programme aims to make the infrastructure of the Textile Center Haslach available to people who have the basic technical knowledge to be able to independently advance their own project and want to get involved intensively with their work for 2 weeks.

From numerous submissions, the following artists were selected for the residency:
- Eva-Liisa Kriis from Estonia for dobby weaving
- Julia Rademacker from Germany for jacquard weaving
- Kristina Six from Austria for tufting

The residency started on August 1st, right after the summer symposium Textile Kultur Haslach. The artists shared a three-bedroom apartment in the immediate vicinity of the Textile Center Haslach. After getting to know each other and an update on the technical requirements, we quickly got to work: while Kristina Six was producing a series of tapestries on the subject of "flow" in the tufting studio, Julia Rademaker was researching the possibilities of three-dimensional fabric design and the creation of woven folds on the jacquard weaving machine. Eva-Liisa, on the other hand, dealt intensively with the most diverse types of dobby looms. Among other things, she managed to get a retired 22 shaft ARM loom which formerly belonged to Austrian weaver Susanne Heindl up and running again. This brilliant Austrian weaver originally founded the Textile Kultur Haslach initiative together with her husband Bernhard Heindl over 30 years ago. After the dissolution of her workshop, she bequeathed most of her equipment and materials to the Textile Centre Haslach, where they are now available in separate weaving studio to artists who want to delve deeper into dobby weaving.

It was nice to see how the 3 artists got immersed deeper and deeper in their projects, supported each other and grew together as a group in a very short time. The relative seclusion of Haslach, the beauty of the surrounding nature and refreshing swim breaks in the river pool offered ideal conditions for productive work.

On August 12, towards the end of the stay, a final presentation of the results took place, to which friends of the Textile Centre Haslach were invited. The workshops were visited and there was keen interest in the works and the different approaches of the artists.

We thank Eva-Liisa, Kristina and Julia for the wonderful time and look forward to further exchange!

more information: https://etn-net.org/berichte/etn-residency-at-the-textile-centre-haslach1-15-august-2022-haslach-at.html

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